Lacey + Casey’s Romantic Elopement at Highgrove Estate

We are celebrating the love of Lacey and Casey, a sweet couple who chose to have an intimate wedding at Highgrove Estate. Elopements, micro weddings, and luxury micro weddings have become quite popular as an alternative to larger gatherings in the midst of all the changes in the world. Despite however different your celebration may look from what you had originally envisioned, Highgrove is committed to providing you with so much more than you could have ever dreamed of for your wedding day. 

Lacey and Casey’s love story began through mutual friends. Casey was immediately drawn to Lacey’s knowledgeable, strong-willed, and considerate personality, while Lacey noticed how kind, fun, and compassionate Casey is. Together, the two complement each other and, one night after a romantic dinner of sushi, on a cobblestone path underneath an archway, Casey asked her to be his forever.

Lacey and Casey had originally planned for a wedding at the end of March with 114 guests, but COVID-19 had other plans. When the state shut down bars and restaurants, their original venue had to close as well, leaving the couple without a venue or a big celebration as anticipated. 

However, the two were determined that, no matter the location, they would still be married as long as their parents and siblings could be in attendance. Through personal connections, coincidences, and a prayer group, the couple was put in touch with Highgrove Estate, and they realized they could still have an intimate gathering—they described this as “the best wedding gift they could have received.”

Keeping within the 10-person gathering limit, Lacey, Casey, and their families gathered at Highgrove Estate for a beautiful, heartfelt celebration. Angela at Oak and Dahlia lined the pergola and patio with gorgeous florals consisting of bright pinks, deep burgundies, and complimenting shades of white and peach. 

Lacey did her hair and makeup at her apartment, then shared a special moment of putting on her dress with her mom in the Bridal Suite of Highgrove. Lacey descended down the spiral staircase towards her father and tears filled his eyes: a moment she will never forget. When they were ready, her father walked her down the aisle and she joined hands with her soon-to-be-husband underneath the chandelier hung from the chestnut-stained pergola before Casey’s brother, Cale, sentimentally officiated their ceremony. 

The family gathered after the ceremony to take memorable photos around the property overlooking Lake Laurel in unseasonably warm weather without a cloud in the sky; Autumn Harrison Photography captured every genuine moment of the day. The newly-joined families toasted over champagne and shared in the overwhelming moments of joy. 

When asked to reflect on their wedding day, the couple said, 

“It was not what we planned, and we are very sad about that. We had invested a lot of time and energy into building our original wedding. We wanted to celebrate with our loved ones.

“But it was perfect, boiled down into everything that was actually important about that day. The intimacy of the ceremony couldn’t be replicated. It was really beautiful in so many ways.”

Lacey continued on to reflect how removing the audience of their ceremony actually allowed her to connect with her husband in a very real and emotional way that may not have happened in a larger setting because the nerves were nonexistent in this intimate group.

With only eight of us, we were able to have undivided attention on the people who matter most.”

The two agreed that they are content with the way their wedding panned out: the special, joyful day was more than enough for their family. While they may consider some sort of anniversary party, the intimate gathering on their wedding day was magical and more meaningful than they could have imagined. 

While the two wish they could have had all of their loved ones present, they did record the ceremony. Given the popularity of Zoom-streaming, it is possible to incorporate your guests, even if they can’t be there physically. 

Although they could not be present, her matron of honor and husband got dressed up in their outfits and recorded a sweet congratulatory video filled with well-wishes, along with her ceremony reading, to play on their big day. Lacey DIY’ed many of her elements for her original reception, and, though many were not able to be incorporated, her photographer did capture her stunning invitations which Lacey also designed herself.  

Overall, Lacey and Casey chose to focus on what mattered most: the love the two of them share. If your wedding has been affected by COVID-19, we invite you to discover our elopement, micro wedding, and luxury micro wedding packages at Highgrove Estate. At Highgrove, we will help you navigate through these times, whether you choose a large or small gathering. Our promise to you is that we will create memories that last a lifetime, one couple at a time, through every circumstance.