Des and Ty’s Intimate Ceremony + Celebration

We are in the midst of many changes, especially when it comes to wedding celebrations. Here at Highgrove, we hope to encourage you that change is not always a bad thing. We are dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with the most beautiful day, even if it looks a little different than you had originally anticipated. 

The memories made from small, intimate ceremonies and celebrations might just be more incredible than you could have ever imagined. While plans may change, love remains. Des and Ty are the perfect testament to this and we invite you to continue reading for a glimpse at their story of hope.

Gathered with thirteen of their closest family members and friends, Des and Ty made their promises of love to each other during their intimate ceremony on a perfect day in May. The couple had originally planned on getting married at their church in Downtown Raleigh, but when COVID-19 hit, their plans quickly changed. As the two had met when they were just 16 years old, he fell in love with her kind, wise, and selfless personality, and she with his goofy, caring, and intelligent character. They knew they did not want to wait to begin the rest of their lives and were not going to let the pandemic put a pause on their love. 

The two connected with Highgrove Estate and realized that they could still celebrate their love and have their dream day at our venue. Standing hand in hand underneath the chestnut-stained pergola overlooking Lake Laurel, in perfect, sunny, 70-degree weather, the sun beamed down through the glass chandelier on the couple as if to reflect the beauty of their new marriage.

In a gorgeous lace gown, Des carried a beautiful bouquet arranged by family friend Dave Duty, and the warm light brought out the deep red, pink, and peach hues of the florals in her hair and those placed in our urns beneath the pergola. John Schlichter captured the day so that the couple can have tangible memories and share with those whom were not present. 

While it was different than they had originally planned, there were so many beautiful moments that otherwise would not have happened under normal circumstances. The couple and family reflected how they were able to simply be in the moment with each other, without feeling rushed or hurried. In fact, one of Des’ favorite moments of the evening was having the flexibility to walk down the aisle when she was ready. In contrast with a large wedding, she was able to share a few extra moments with her father and walk towards love when the moment was just right. No fancy cues or hurried moments, but instead a chance to soak it all in. Des’ dad officiated and Ty ended the ceremony by singing a song to his new bride.

After the ceremony, the family gathered on the side patio with the cozy fireplace as a backdrop for an intimate dinner together. This turned out to be significantly more special and greater than they could have imagined—they were all able to be truly present and intentional in conversation with each other and, as Des reflected, “one united family rather than feeling the pressure to go around and speak to all the guests. Just the extra exposure and closeness to family was so special.” Des’ mom was grateful for the extra time she and her daughter were able to share together, which they may not have had in a larger setting. 

The new couple had a chance to spend quiet moments dancing together on our 7-acre property, and father-daughter and mother-son dances were shared on our patio. The family ended the night on a sweet note with cake and cupcakes by the Cupcake Shoppe. Des’ older brother Jordan captured the entire night on video so that they and their friends could all relive the celebration. He thoughtfully composed a recording of special messages given by friends for the couple to watch later—including a post-game style interview by Des’ dad!

The only thing that the couple wished could have been different were for a few more friends and relatives (such as their grandparents) to be there with them. However, their family got creative and their grandparents did a drive-through wave after the ceremony—Ty’s grandfather even made a surprise trumpet performance!

When asked what advice or encouragement the couple would give to others experiencing this difficult situation, they responded,

“It’s all about the people around you. When it’s clear that they are there to support you and make your day special, it will turn out perfect no matter how many are there in the end. You have to give yourself time to mourn the loss of the day you imagined so that you can be excited for what you get to experience.” 

Des and Ty’s day was truly about family and centered on love. So easily we can get caught up in the stresses of life, but this was an opportunity to slow down and focus on the heart of it all. 

At Highgrove, we understand how difficult it is when your plans have to change. We promise to help you have the best day you could possibly dream of, even if it looks a little different in the end. After all, it really is all about your love and we are determined to celebrate that no matter what. Whether you choose to have a larger party later or are content with your intimate gathering, we promise to make this one of the greatest moments of your life. 

In our next blog post, we’ll dive more in depth about our elopement, microwedding, and luxury microwedding options available so that you, too, can still experience the most beautiful day. We invite you to contact us if you are interested in learning more about the beauty of an intimate gathering at Highgrove Estate.